Hi Jolyon!

I have been working on learning how to use your new toolbox V2.2.2, but am having three issues:

  1. I have multiple bird eggs in each of my photos that I would like to perform pattern analysis on. I know the first step is to generate the mspec and select the eggs using the multipoint tool and “E” function. And you mention it is usually best to always use the linear normalized reflectance stack image for this. However, as you point out in your intro video, sometimes the linearized photo is so dark and it can be hard to see where the edge of the egg is against the grey standard. So I decided to try and open my photo as a non-linear colour image. Doing this made it much easier to select my egg, but then I wasn’t sure how to save this ROI. It appeared to be saved as an ROI when the colour image was open, but then when I re-loaded my image as a linear normalized reflectance stack image it wasn’t there anymore. Did I miss a step?
  2. I keep getting this error when I try to load a non-linear colour image: Error: Undefined variable in line 140:

    colourSwitch = <colourSwitch> * – 1 ;

  3. I can successfully create an mspec file and it displays as a grey stack with the three separate colour channels. But then when I close the image and try to reload it as a linear normalized reflectance stack, it loads it as a colour image, which I don’t think is correct. I saw a similar question about this earlier in the forum posted around April this year. You had responded that this was due to a bug and you needed to fix it.

Thank you!

Problem loading mspec and saving egg ROIs
vabernathy123 Asked question June 30, 2021