I am trying to use the micaToolbox to generate calibrated pictures of lizards (see attached example images). We are unsure of whether we would be able to make the lizards still enough to generate two pictures (UV+ visible) per lizard that could be aligned, but being able to generate two calibrated pictures per lizard (in which we could measure size, pattern and reflectance according to “camera colour vision”) will probably suffice for our interests. The attached images are very preliminary, I am aware that they are out of focus, and that we changed the ISO between the UV and the visible images (which we shouldn’t do). I just wanted to see how the camera (Olympus PEN E-PM2 + Novoflex Novoflexar 35mm lens + Baader U-filter2), tripod, Spectralon 99% standard, etc worked with the lizards, and whether I could import the RAW images with the micaToolbox.

The problem is that I am getting similar error messages whenever I try to import a picture using the pathway micaToolbox>Tools>DCRAW import or the pathway micaToolbox>Generate Multispectral Image> Visible and UV.

The error messages I am getting are the same than this other question , but I couldn’t find a solution for my problem there (the pictures I am sending you are .orf files generated by shooting in RAW format). I am running micaToolbox Version 2.2.2 on ImageJ v1.51e18.

Links to images:



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Problem to import RAW files (.orf) Error: “Timeout- DCRAW doesn’t seem to have processed this file”
abalosjavier Posted new comment April 21, 2021

A quick update: I tried to generate a multispectral image from my images in another computer and it works perfectly fine. There is obviously something wrong with my laptop (although I don’t know what). Thanks for your help!