This isn’t really a question, but I started getting the above error message that is apparently kinda common on here among those of us trying to generate multispectral images in Windows 10. In all of our cases, the error appears on Windows 10 even though identical micaToolbox downloads worked on Ubuntu, Mac, or other Windows 10 PCs.

In my case, I got a more specific error message by running the dcrawWin.exe, which complained about missing .dll files. Installing current Microsoft Visual C++ Runtimes did not fix the errors. However, install of >10 year old .dll files does fix the issue, and allows dcraw and micaToolbox to do their thing. This sort of makes sense, since dcraw has been around a while, and Windows folks may not have older files unless they’ve installed other older programs. If you’re having this issue, try downloading Visual C++ redistributables from 2005-2013 and see if it helps!

PSA: “Timeout- DCRAW doesn’t seem to have processed this file”
Cedric van den Berg Answered question October 27, 2021