Not sure if micaToolbox is still actively supported?

Trying to learn micaToolbox by following the YouTube video from ~2020 “Create Calibrated mspec Multispectral Reflectance Image”.

Using the Photo Screening tool, I’ve hit a persistant error creating mspec after the alignment area is selected. Same on two different PC’s (Win 10; Win 11).

Pop-up appears with:

Unrecognized command ” Load Multispectral image” in line 429

run (” Load Multispectral image” , loadString <)>;

This error was not found elsewhere on this forum.

The line was found once in the file: Generate_MSPEC_from_Screening.ijm in directory …\ImageJ\plugins\micaToolbox\Tools\

run(” Load Multispectral Image”, loadString);

Removed the space between and Load ie line now reads

run(“Load Multispectral Image”, loadString);

*** note; I don’t know what the “<)>;” at the end of the popup is about; I didn’t alter anything but except deleting one space.***

Error seems to have cleared, but I would appreciate it if anyone with more experience would confirm this will not cause unexpected ripples.

Unrecognized command ” Load Multispectral image” in line 429 – micaToolbox Photo Screening
Andrew Answered question April 2, 2024