List of Spectral Sensitivities

We have started to collect a list of literature featuring research on spectral sensitivities of photoreceptors in a variety of organisms. Please let us know if you are aware of research that should be featured on this site. This list

The Receptor Noise Limited Model

In 1998 Vorobyev & Osorio published the influential paper on ‘Receptor noise as a determinant of colour thresholds’. In that paper the authors formally introduce the Receptor Noise Limited (RNL) model. The model states that, given a range of assumptions

The Receptor Noise Limited Colour Space

Perceptual contrast in the Receptor Noise Limited (RNL) model is calculated as the response of opponent processes which themselves are ‘fed’ by the stimulation of each receptor channel in relation to the channel specific noise (or Weber fraction in the

Cone Ratios & Receptor Noise

The noise in an individual photoreceptor cell (its firing rate despite lacking actual stimulation) in combination with the abundance of a given class of photoreceptors fundamentally determines an animal’s ability to discriminate colour and luminance contrast (Vorobyev & Osorio, 1998).