Display Brightness & Dark Images

The micaToolbox uses 32-bits/channel for all image processing. These images will generally be linear (unless you’ve selected non-linear when loading the image), and as a result will often be very dark in appearance (dark areas of the image are almost

Creating Presentation Images

By default the micaToolbox uses linear 32-bit images because these are required for visual modelling. However, it is often useful to turn these images into images compatible with human colour vision and typical display equipment, requiring non-linear images. If you

RNL Chromaticity XYZ Saturation Images

The receptor noise limited (RNL) chromaticity colour space is convenient because the Euclidean distance between any two points in this space is equal to the Delta-S of the RNL model (in units of “just noticeable differences”, JNDs). This means that

Colour Maps

Colour measurements have historically been plotted and compared as single points in a colour space (such as a Maxwell triangle, or a tetrahedral colour space). The area or volumes occupied by these average colour points has also been used to