So, I just defended my master’s thesis looking at background color-matching in a species of lizard here in Texas, and I did this using digital photographs and a couple of different plugins in ImageJ and a function package in R. My question is, after seeing the latest article in Vice about your new QCPA publication, how do I simply create multiple versions of the same JPEG “as seen by different predator species” of my lizards? I want actual modeled PHOTOS the same way as shown in the article in this picture here, as seen by a human on the left and a bee on the right:  https://video-images.vice.com/_uncategorized/1575387811429-218316_web.jpeg?resize=720:*

For a lot of my field photos, I shot in RAW and used the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport to calibrate in Adobe Lightroom, but I also used a lot of photos from citizen scientists that were simple JPEGs.

I realize that the JPEGs I am using don’t have RAW or ultraviolet-sensitive information, and so some raptors and other avian predators that see in UV and prey on my lizard species won’t work and that’s okay. Which specific plugin or tool do I use to select predator species? Is there a cookbook-like recipe to follow of how to generate these modeled pics from a JPEG?


getting different output JPEGs showing how different predator species see my study organism
Cedric van den Berg Changed status to publish December 4, 2019